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I've been married to my wonderful husband, Richard, since 1979. He pastors Northside Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado. We have four children. Our oldest three are married, and we have fifteen grandchildren.

Besides writing Christian fiction, I'm the Daycare Director at our church's preschool. I am also involved in the music ministry of our church and play the piano for our church services and choir.

My Publishing Journey
In 2007, Barbour Publishing Company accepted three books I had proposed, which eventually became the Tumbleweed Wedding series. They were published in 2009, 2010, and 2011 in the Heartsong Presents Book Club. Then Barbour closed that particular imprint.
I kept writing books, trying to get another publisher. In 2014, I attended a writing workshop about self-publishing. Amazon made publishing a book feasible, and I jumped in.

At that particular time, I was not working, so I published several books, including
The God of All Tomorrows, the Knotty Pine Chronicles and the Bluestone Ridge books. But in 2016, I started working and had to go back to school to renew my Daycare Director's license. I stopped writing books.

But after four years, I finally got back to what I really love doing, which is writing Christian fiction. I feel that God has called me to write. As the Bible says in 2 Timothy 1:9, "Who has saved us and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began." Through all the trial and error, the Lord has taught me many lessons in faith and perseverance. I'm excited to see what He has planned for my future.

My Writing Name
My byline, the name under which I publish my books, is Donna Reimel Robinson. I've included my maiden name since there are over 2,000 Donna Robinsons in the USA! But there's only one Donna Reimel Robinson (me). The name Reimel has often been mispronounced. Our family pronounces it the German way: RHYME-ml.